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Fenix NHL5 NHL5 certified natural hydraulic lime

TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: FENIX NHL5 is a high quality and high purity product obtained by firing and quenching exclusively marl-limestone extracted using modern technologies from natural banks, accurately following the teachings of our heritage.

NHL FENIX 5 features a warm and unmistakable hazelnut color, which is the distinguishing feature of natural hydraulic lime. The low salt content and the very low content of free lime ensure compliance to the chemical and physical characteristics of original masonry due to the absence of reactivity, which does not trigger degradation mechanisms. FENIX NHL 5 is the basis for the best mortars for renovations and for all the products that are part of the Tassullo Fenix Calcerestauro line.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: FENIX NHL5 is a certified natural hydraulic lime for the restoration

of important buildings and for the renovation of historical and heritage buildings protected and regulated

by Environmental and Architectural Heritage Agencies.

FENIX NHL 5 is ideal for mixing with local aggregates that are suitable for the specific work to be carried

out; thus, recreating traditional and local aesthetic and chromatic effects.


ADVANTAGES: - compatible with existing masonries

- NHL 5 certified according to UNI EN 459-1

- very low content of water-soluble salts

- sulfate resistant

- typical hazelnut color

- certified origin and production


HOW TO APPLY IT: FENIX NHL5 allows creating mortars and plasters that during the curing stage have the lowest content of water-soluble salts, which are the cause of salt efflorescence. NHL FENIX 5 must be mixed with clean and selected aggregates, free from organic substances, at the rate of 350÷450 Kg/m3 and clean water depending on the desired consistency of the mix.

The use of aggregates with an excess or defect of fine parts will involve the preparation of non-workable mixes ("lean" or "fat") that are affected by non adequate resistance and durability. The mix can be prepared manually or using a concrete mixer.

APPARENT DENSITY: approx. 1100 kg/m3


PACKAGE: 25 Kg sack or loose

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